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Welcome to SAA Queensland

The Queensland Branch of Submarines Association Australia is the home away from home for serving and former submariners of all nations who now live in Queensland.

We are proud of our reputation as one of the most active and best supported branches of the Submarines Association Australia and our "open house" policy when it comes to non-members attending our events and functions.

Next Meeting,  General Meeting

9th Oct. 2016, 10.30 am

Change of Executive
for 2016 -17

President - Derek 'Daffy' O'Donnell
Vice President - Barry McKeown
Treasurer - Adrian 'Pete' Sellars
Welfare Officer - Ian Sinclair
Social Committee - John O'Beirne
ESO - Ian Roberts

We look forward to serving our members and representing our Association.

SUBCON 2016 will be held as a 7 nights and 8 days Great Barrier Reef Cruise aboard Pacific Aria. Click Here to register interest.

### SUBCON 2016 RAFFLE ###
Tickets now on Sale 
See Event for Details
Link for single Ticket - Click Here
Link for  3 for $20 -  Click Here

*****SUBCON SLOPS*****

SUBCON SLOPS Now Available!!

(all items ordered available for collection after boarding Pacific Aria)

***Cruise 'SAVER' Packages***

Standard Package - Polo, ball cap, patch $60.00 (savings $7.00) order here

Light Package - Polo, ball cap $50.00 (savings $5.00) 

Terry Rowell and Thor Lund's
"The Submariners Road Trip" 
Note:  *Electronic Copy of the Book only *
can be ordered at following Link

Note : For Hard Copy purchases of The Road Trip please refer below for Info under "Our Ideas for Marketing and Sales "
The following information has been provided by Terry Rowell for any members who are interested in taking up his offer on the Book 

 A short promo of the Book can be found below.

Thor Lund, who is another member of SAA, and myself have written a small paperback titled "The Submariners Age of Reason Road Trip", it is very funny indeed, Sandy Freeleagus has kindly added some of his hilarious cartoon drawings to the book, his drawings alone are worth the price of "admission". A short promo for the Road Trip can be found below.

Thor and I are covering all costs for the production of the Road Trip and it is not our intention to make any money from the Road Trip book  **see explanation of proposal below re proceeds being donated to the Qld SAA Branch.**


Our idea in the marketing and sale of the two books during the cruise is as follows :

Terry will bring 50 Copies of OMN for sale on the cruise at  $29.95.

(If you are not going on the Cruise and do not have anyone who can collect the Book for you or want to purchase a Hard Copy of The Road Trip  PLEASE contact Terry at the following Link to make alternate arrangements.)

To assist Terry in bringing enough books an expression of intent only, to purchase has been added to the SAA Qld Website at the following Link

 Terry will bring 20 copies of the Road Trip. The first 10 members who purchase OMN can have a copy of the Road Trip free. The remaining 10 copies of the Road Trip will be sold at a cost of $15 if purchased with a copy of OMN. 

*If purchased separately from OMN the Road Trip will cost $20*.

If members decide, they can purchase electronic copies of the Road Trip in PDF Format on line for a donation of $15 to the Qld branch of the SAA. This can be done at the following Link

When I have recovered near to costs for the production of OMN, if any, all other monies will be donated to the SAA. If I don't recover costs as a gesture I intend to donate $200 as good will to the SAA Welfare Fund.

One Mans Navy is my autobiography. In the book I’ve tried to convey what the life of a submariner was like during the Oberon boat period in the RAN. The book approaches the subject on a human scale rather than just a technical or strategic level. It also covers my few years prior to Boats and after the submarine coxswain branch was disestablished.

Any ex Oberon sailor will find this book covers many of the significant periods of the RAN’s submarine service development from the 60’s through to the end of the Oberon era. Many will recall the stresses and strains of workups, training in UK, separation from loved ones and all the activities that made the Oberon's both challenging as well as rewarding on a personal level, not to mention the times we were able to let our hair down.

 As an Auto-Biography it naturally covers my life. However, many readers from the Oberon period will recognise many of my fellow submariners as well as the many events of that period that will be close to their hearts.

 Also, anyone associated with the refit, and build programmes will find some points of interest in my book. Perhaps of particular interest to many will be the development of unique escape systems and training that I was heavily involved in.

The book will retail at $29.95....... but all proceeds after costs will go to the SAA.


The Submariners age of reason road trip  - This is a comical companion book to One Mans Navy. This is a run ashore that many will relate to. The difference is these guys are well past their used by date but still manage to get into trouble in typical submariner style.

 Of course the book is fictional. Well almost but some will recognise the antics of these two guys and their romp through the countryside and the situations these two old rascals get themselves into. Every submariner is a philosopher and these two are no exception. Many readers will relate to their philosophical outlook on life and irreverent approach to things.

 A good read that will keep you giggling for some time after you put the book down. The cartoons by Sandy Freeleagus are also worth adding to your collection.

The Submariners Road Trip

What happens when two old submariners decide to take a road trip and catch up on some old mates? It is easy to wonder what 2 old blokes might do on a long road trip, what trouble and strife could they get into. Lofty and Tezza have shared some very good times together albeit many years ago. This was to be a catch up on their lives and with some old mates. What followed were the misadventures of Lofty and Tezza as they crash and bang their irreverent way around the countryside and get into and out of trouble in true submariner style. Meet their mates and relive the times they had in younger days and enjoy their nittygritty philosophy.

The stories will leave a smile on your face and if your an ex submariner or the wife of a submariner you will surely identify with these two old blokes.

SAA QLD badges and ball caps
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We are always on the look out for new members for our Association. Don't forget to ask currently serving and previously serving submariners to join our Association and highlight the benefits, which include but not limited to: mate ship, welfare support, social involvement. We look forward to increasing our membership in the coming months.

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