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  • 09 Jun 2014 09:35 | Deleted user

    On behalf of all Submariners, particularly those in Queensland, we congratulate Don on his well deserved recognition. Don's commitment to SAA Queensland has been enormous of the years, culminating in a simply fabulous effort in leading the Submariners Walk project. His leadership has been unsurpassed and has set the bar high for those that follow. BZ Duckrun.


    Mr Donald Arthur Currell

    For service to veterans, particularly submariners.President, The Submarines Association Australia (Queensland) Inc, 2008-2013; Vice-President, 2004-2008; Committee Member, since 2003; Member, since 1990; Life Member, 2013.

    Leader of the 'Submarines Walk Heritage Trail' project on the site of the Allied WWII Submarine Base, New Farm Wharf, Brisbane, including fundraising, design and construction, 2010-2013.

    Member, Royal Australian Navy, 1972-1993.

    Senior Sailor, Royal Australian Navy Reserve, since 1993.

  • 10 Mar 2014 11:46 | Deleted user
    For those yet to read it I recommend the article in the recent edition of Qld RSL News  on the centenary of submarines in Australia including comments by Qld Branch President Graeme Caesar.
  • 05 Mar 2014 08:37 | Deleted user
    have just navigated my way through and paid for the Centenary Cap On Line....big effort for me on the computer - well done to you computer savvies. keep safe. Rod Curtis
  • 03 Mar 2014 11:06 | Deleted user

    Well done on the new Saaqld website. I am not computer savvy but this is very user friendly for me to operate. Usually more than 3 clicks on the mouse and I am confused (easily done) Bravo Zulu.

    Could you put me down for the purchase of the Centenary Cap for $15 to be worn at the Anzac Day March please. I will also be attending the 13th Apr meeting and the Anzac day ceremonies as earlier advised. keep safe - Rod Curtis

  • 26 Feb 2014 11:28 | Deleted user
    Thanks to Rob Woolrych for passing on the following important information.

    DVA has received a number of enquiries regarding a perceived reduction in access to services. There has been no change to DVA policy for the provision of exercise physiology services and no direction to reduce access to clinically necessary treatment.

    Why was the policy reviewed? The policy was reviewed because the fee schedule was not aligned with similar discipline fee schedules and there was concern that claiming patterns by exercise physiologists did not match expected patterns based on the policy.

    What were the policy changes? The review resulted in a number of alterations and additions to the fee schedule to provide clarity for existing services and to broaden the range of services. This includesthe introduction of aquatic exercise physiology.

    What was funded before the review? Since 2007, DVA has been funding exercise physiology services to treat a specific condition, upon referral from a General Practitioner. Exercise physiology treatment can assist with rehabilitation from a major injury or illness, or to help manage a chronic disease like arthritis or diabetes.

    What is funded now? DVA continues to fund exercise physiology to treat a specific condition. In addition, exercise physiologists can now also provide aquatic exercise physiology treatment. 

    What was NOT funded before the review? DVA has a long standing policy that it does not pay for ongoing, generalised exercise programs and classes or gym membership. DVA has never funded services for general fitness or exercise classes.

    What is NOT funded now? DVA continues to not fund participation in ongoing, generalised exercise programs or ongoing group exercise classes supervised by an exercise physiologist. An expected outcome from a course of exercise physiology treatment is a program that can be undertaken independently without the need for costly gym equipment. If veterans wish to continue with an exercise program following their treatment, it becomes a private arrangement between the veteran and the gym or exercise physiologist.

    What information is available? DVA has provided a range of material to help inform both veterans and their health care providers about the operation of the exercise physiology arrangements:
  • 01 Feb 2014 17:16 | Deleted user
    Don Currell's fabulous Submarine Envelope sales have now reached 9000, providing valuable funds for the creation of the Submariners Walk Heritage Trail at Teneriffe.

    You can purchase supplies from the Cox'ns Store at

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